Groovie Comedy

We are a production company specialising in showcasing talents in stand up comedy, musical /character/ sketch / improv comedy and dance / musical theatre improvisation. We are dedicated to bring fun, engaging and memorable live experiences through our passion and backgrounds in performing arts. Each of our productions is unique with our variety of hosts and performing artists.

Our raison d’être is to bring people together to enjoy their night out in London, and elsewhere when we are involved in touring shows, and laugh and have fun together.

We have automated our booking processes and flexed our operational model to, both, from booking performers and booking tickets so that we can allow ourselves to focus on creative work rather than admin.

We focus on showcasing diverse talents and aim to balance some of the inequalities in the entertainment industry and discovering acts who may not have been spotted elsewhere yet. On our line ups everybody is a rising star otherwise we would not book them. We hope you enjoy your time with us and we hope to see you again. Bring friends. Spread the word. Share love. Leave us a review.

Follow our production team, comperes and performers (not home but on social media, of course).

Our Production Team

  • Gordana Micic

    Gordana Micic

  • Gordana Micic

    Dracos Mostenescu

  • Gordana Micic

    Dave Lynch

  • Gordana Micic

    Thomas W Kelly

  • Gordana Micic

    Lucien Jack

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